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Radiologic Technologist - 1558844

Lynwood, CA

Radiologic Technologist – Per Diem


Shift:  Morning Shift 07:00-19:30


Rate: $49.14/hour


1-3 years Experience Required


12 months Term


Starting Aug 03, 2023


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Preparing examination rooms for patient examinations.
  • Administering radiopharmaceuticals to obtain clear, usable images.
  • Positioning patients and equipment, explaining the procedures, and ensuring patients' comfort.
  • Inserting commands and data into the computer to document and specify the scan sequences, and monitoring the video display to adjust the density or contrast.
  • Monitoring patients during examinations, ensuring their safety, and following procedures to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation.


Certifications & Clearance Requirements:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)



  • Dental
  • Eye Care
  • Medical

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