Jobs for Physicians

Jobs For Physicians
Healthare recruitment

Physician recruiting services

Necnic Group, LLC provides a gateway to a wide range of jobs for physicians of all qualifications. There is a large and growing demand for physicians in all medical institutions. However, finding the right practice to saticfy all your needs and requirements is not always easy.

We submit your resume to the top healthcare positions at no cost to you. We provide both permanent and locum tenens opportunities. The size of our network of associates provides us with the flexibility to customize the search to meet your qualifications and needs. With years of proven success we have a long track record of finding the best jobs for physicians and the best physicians for the job. Our wide network of qualified candidates and close working relationships with a wide range of medical institutions in Massachusetts and nationwide, guarantee your recruiting success.

We provide extensive help to the physicians throughout the entire job search process. Additional services we provide at no cost to our candidates include (but are not limited to):

  • Confidentiality (your information or CV is not distributed without your permission)
  • Assistance with CV preparation
  • Coordination of Interview/Site visits
  • Interview Preparation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Assistance with State licensing
  • Visa Assistance for visa candidates (H1 B, J1. O1)


Our clients include: Private physician practices, Hospitals, Clinics, Managed Care Organizations, and Academic Institutions.

In order to assist your job search to the best of our abilities and to achieve the best results, it is important for us to know you well. We would like to learn about your professional/career and personal goals, type of opportunity desired, salary expectations, location preferences, family needs including spouse and children’s educational needs, hobbies and interests, and any other details you would like to share with us.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals and aspirations!

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Best jobs and best recruiters are waiting for you. We will help you find employment in the healthcare industry to satisfy your needs and requirements. Tell us in detail what is most important for you to have in a job. What are the extra things that will make you happy in your job. We can make it happen! Finding good jobs for medical professionals is what we do.